When Bias Costs


Daset Labs develops tools for supporting organisation that wish to use biomedical data at the heart of solving challenges facing society and healthcare.

Avoid causes of AI


AI Products fail to deliver when they don't have a robust biomedical data foundation



The founding team at the forefront of medtech and biotech AI development


Biassed Data

Projects without a diversified and representative dataset risk generating a biassed product

Preparation Costs

"40% of AI project time is spent on data identification, cleansing and aggregation"

data costs

55% of the time on:

Work Streams

Mapping the data landscape

Summarise biomedical data resources available and help teams plan around budget & restrictions on data use

Access restricted datasets

Making the right applications & approaches for brokering access - should the project need commercial sources

Preparing datasets

Depending on the team's experience, helping to clean, curate, enrich and label data for future analyses

Stream Build Leverage

Data Asset

Lead with the best quality data

Human Data Partner

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Daset Labs is operating name of Daset Ltd (Reg: 14764314)

image of jess bartlet

Jess has a background in business development in biotech and pharma. She is currently Business Development Manager at Alimentiv, Previously she was Standigm Inc's UK Business development lead. Previously Jess was involved in public engagement around science and technology. Jess has a passion for improving people's lives through the use of biomedical data and technology.

image of kelly mepham

Kelly is the founder of the health and wellbeing company: Train In Sync. Kelly is a specialist in women's health and menopause, with in-depth knowledge of all aspects physical training, nutrition, and hormone health. Previously she delivered NHS physical training programmes for type II diabetics and pre-diabetics. In addition, Kelly has experience in business development whilst working for a diabetes drug development company.

image of adrian alexa

Adrian is a leading technology and data science company builder and advisor. Previously Adrian was cofounder of Repositive - a venture-backed company disrupting how genomics data are shared. Previously Adrian worked at Illumina.

image of guy hill

Guy has over 18 years experience in medtech and biotech companies. In recent years Guy founded the company, Trajecture - the leading provider of tools for time-series analysis in biological data. Previously Guy was the founder of Preome, building compound biomarkers for precision medicine. Previously Guy was on the Senior Management team of Arecor (now Arecor Therapeutics), and a consultant for JnJ companies, Bayer, Shell Bioenergy while lead bioscience consultant at Innovia Technology.

Guy Hill presents overview of challenges biotech companies face to building effective data assets at the heart of their businesses. See video of presentation on YouTube

Daset Labs applies for trademark for "The Human Data Partner", alongside related descriptions of its products and services.

Adrian Alexa will represent Daset Labs at The BIA's TechBio Conference in London on 18th October 2023. Find out more about this event here